Workshop / SGD / Practice Evaluation & Audit

//Workshop / SGD / Practice Evaluation & Audit
Workshop / SGD / Practice Evaluation & Audit2019-06-19T23:29:30+00:00

Click below for the Workshops, Small Group Discussions and Practice Evaluation & Audit Sessions. Refer to this page of the website for any program updates during the planning process for the ASA NSC 2019.

Workshop/SGD/Practice Evaluation & Audit


Monday, 23 September 2019
1045-1215: W33 Nasendoscopy for Anaesthetists – on Anaesthetists – NEW Workshop
1045-1215: W27 Modern techniques for Lung Protective Ventilation (Dr Paul Drakeford) – NEW facilitator
1045-1215 & 1330-1500: W26 3D Transoesophageal echocardiography (Dr Bruce Cartwright) – Replaced Dr Nathan Peters
1330-1500: W34 Nasendoscopy for Anaesthetists – on Anaesthetists – NEW Workshop
1530-1700: SGD 18 Negotiating with hospital management (Dr Michael Levitt) – Replaced Dr Antonio Grossi

Workshops vary in their cost, duration, maximum participants and location. Details appear at the start of each workshop description.

The correct ticket is required for entry to all workshops. Where workshops are repeated, your ticket will only allow you entry to the specified session and is not transferable to other sessions of the same workshop.

Only one workshop will be allocated per delegate up to the early bird closing date.

Workshops are allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis and the availability of workshops is subject to demand. After the early bird closing date, all delegates will be notified of the available workshops by email. Delegates can edit their registration booking online and select a further workshop. Please note, the selection of a second workshop after the early bird date will only be available online.

Small Group Discussions
All small group discussions cost $25 each and have a maximum of 20 attendees per session. During the early bird registration period, each delegate may only choose one SGD. After early bird closes, all delegates will be notified of available sessions.

Practice Evaluation & Audit Sessions
All practice evaluation and audit sessions also cost $25 each and have a maximum of 20 attendees per session, aside from PE&A4 with a varied limit for the session.